power to creative people !

Many of our sites, including this one, are currently being re-built
- updated to the latest standards and extended - this job will continue throughout 2022.

The big idea of NetCells come on 31st December 1999, realised soon after as a single web site for creatives, later joined by other sites, in 2004 registered as a London-based computer consultancy company, it progressed to a worldwide network for supporting Creativity.

'Power to creative people' we deliver through technology - programming, databases, private web servers, connecting like-minded individuals.
We have always been selective - striving for more focused, not just bigger.

We run Users' web sites and our own sites for ideas, information and functionality.

New Users are welcome,
to become a User you need a Reason.
Some good Reasons are listed below - you might have others - let us know.

You want:
- place to cultivate your data - to be published or not
- free Internet presence you can instantly update
- instant ultra-low-cost web site
- custom-built web site with its own functionality

You have:
- idea to try it out simultaneously on a number of sites
- knowledge to share worldwide
- ideas to share worldwide
- time to employ for benefit of yourself and others